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Nihon Kohden America, Inc.
90 Icon Street
Foothill Ranch
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EEG/Epilepsy Monitoring

 EEG/Epilepsy Monitoring

The Nihon Kohden EEG-1200 System

Sleep Assessment

 Sleep Assessment

Nihon Kohden Sleep Management Solutions
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Nihon Kohden America, Inc.

사업 형태: Manufacturer - Lab / Production Equipment
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제품 이름: EEG/Epilepsy Monitoring

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The Nihon Kohden EEG-1200 System

Official Site

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    Nihon Kohden’s long legacy in EEG diagnostics and monitoring continues with the introduction of the EEG-1200 that combines EEG, Long Term Epilepsy (LTM), cEEG ICU Monitoring and Sleep Testing for the most flexible and comprehensive recording system available today.  The EEG-1200 system features a LAN connected, IP addressable converter box for all amplifiers providing more configuration flexibility independent of the PC platform. LTM installations are simplified by a single LAN cable run to the patient room for EEG acquisition, photic and patient event marker, 4-16 channel DC input as well as SpO2 and CO2 monitoring.  Standard with the EEG-1200 review software is on-line FFT during acquisition as well as off-line Source localization, 3D voltage maps and FFT DSA traces.

    To enhance workflow, the new Examination Assist Bar allows for preset routine EEG examination flow through itsauto-sequence feature. For portable EEG’s simply disconnect from the network to perform the study and our auto-copy function will transfer the studies to the database upon network reconnection.

    NeuroWorkbench™ is the core integrator of Nihon Kohden’s Neurology product portfolio. This common interface allows for examination scheduling, protocol administration and data management improving workflow and access to clinical data and records. The customized NeuroWorkbench database program provides tools to create physician, technician and administrative NeuroReports™. An optional HL-7 program provides communication between Neuroworkbench and hospital information systems.

Official Site

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